Cosmetic Coins

Unlock your unique Minecraft character and enhance your social interactions today! Cosmetics are now available in the EdgeGamers Minecraft server. We have over 12 categories to choose from including Balloons, Gadgets, Morphs, Music, and Pets! To level up your Minecraft character, you need Cosmetic Coins to purchase your preferred cosmetics. 

Go to /warp CosmeticsTesting to navigate and explore the available options. Take this opportunity to elevate your Minecraft experience—get your Cosmetic Coins now! 

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**Disclosure: We strive to maintain continuity in your cosmetics across server resets, transferring them forward with each update (e.g., from version 1.20 to 1.21), provided the related cosmetic plugin remains compatible. However, as plugin compatibility is beyond our control, we cannot ensure indefinite support for this feature. Additionally, we retain the right to modify or remove cosmetics as necessary for the server's integrity, particularly if a cosmetic grants an unfair advantage. While refunds for Cosmetic Coin purchases are not guaranteed, we are committed to making reasonable efforts to compensate affected players with equivalent Cosmetic Coins in-game to address any discrepancies.  For the quickest response, please report any issues on our forums.