Engineer Crate Keys

Purchase one of our crate key packages and gift everyone online some crate keys.  

Crate keys are a great way to give all online players resources without having to grind or explore endlessly!

Engineer Crate Keys have a variety of rewards ranging from redstone to music discs to enchanted pickaxes.

Item Rarities:

Common 56% | Uncommon 26% | Rare 12% | Epic 5%Legendary 1%

In our server, use the command /crazycrates to access the full menu of crates and the rarity of each reward. Redeem your keys by using the command /warp crates!


**Disclosure: Some rewards may change due to plugin limitations, Minecraft economy changes, or other unforeseen circumstances.   You can always see the most up-to-date list of rewards and rarities in the crates menu.  For the quickest response, please report any issues on our forums.